Xaldin (ザルディン, Zarudin?), the "Whirlwind Lancer" (旋風の六槍, Senpū no Rokusō?, lit. "Six Lances of the Whirlwind"), is a silver- tongued Nobody that uses the wind to manipulate his six lances, named Lindworm (竜牙閃, Ryūgasen?, lit. "Dragon's Fang Flash"), and to shield himself. Xaldin's lances can transform into a dragon-shaped contraption to attack opponents with whirlwinds. He controls the lance-wielding Dragoon Nobodies.[7] Xaldin's original self was named Dilan (ディラン, Diran?, misspelled as Dilin in the North American version), a palace guard working under Ansem who met Ven and later took Aqua's armor and Keyblade into the castle. Becoming a Nobody to be free of emotion, Xaldin understood the set backs of lacking a heart, but kept a clear disdain towards people who follow their hearts, especially towards the Beast.[20] The character is voiced in Japanese by Yōsuke Akimoto and in English by David Dayan Fisher.[11][13]

Supporting Roxas in his missions at Beast's Castle, after learning of the enchanted rose, Xaldin secretly begins his attempt to manipulate the Beast's rage to create a powerful Nobody and Heartless.[21] After first appearing in "Kingdom Hearts II" at Hollow Bastion with other members, Xaldin later confronts Sora in Beast's Castle, the latter forcing Xaldin to steal the Beast's mystical rose to stoke the Beast's rage. Sora and the Beast find him, and he reveals that the Organization needs Kingdom Hearts to become complete beings.[22] He then kidnaps Belle, forcing the Beast to choose whether Belle or the rose is more important to him. The plan fails when Belle gets away with the rose and Xaldin falls against Sora and the Beast, fading into nothingness.