Organization XIII

all of the organization accept roxas

Prior to the first game in the series, the six former disciples of Ansem the Wise became Heartless and their Nobodies created the Organization. Members are numbered in the order in which they joined, with Xemnas, the Nobody of Xehanort, numbered one as their leader.[1] Each member is given a cloak made of a special material that allows them to pass through the Corridors of Darkness into other worlds safely without being attacked by the Heartless there.[6] Members are given titles indicating both their role in Organization XIII and their personality, as well as their own breed of lesser Nobodies to control, usually suited to their fighting style and unique themed powers.[7] As Nobodies, they lack emotion and morality, and are unable to feel guilt and remorse for their actions.[8] However, most of the members' personalities are based from what memories they have of their original selves. About half of the members were introduced in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, with the remaining members introduced in Kingdom Hearts II. In Chain of Memories, Sora, the series' protagonist, and his friends, Donald Duck and Goofy, are led to a mysterious fortress called Castle Oblivion by members of the Organization, who intend to turn Sora into their pawn by manipulating his memories. Sora's friend Riku also arrives at Castle Oblivion, but in the basement where he encounters other Organization members. Sora and Riku traverse the levels of the castle to reach the top, fighting and defeating several members along the way. By Kingdom Hearts II, the actions of Sora and Riku, along with Roxas' resignation, reduced the Organization to seven members, who seeks to use the power of Kingdom Hearts[Note 2] to become complete beings