Luxord (ルクソード, Rukusōdo?) is a Nobody also known as the "Gambler of Fate" (運命を賭す者, Unmei o Tosu Mono?). The character is voiced by Jouji Nakata in Japanese and Robin Atkin Downes in English.[11][13] He controls the Gambler Nobodies, can transform Sora into a card or a die and uses a deck of cards called "Fair Game" (フェアゲーム, Fea Gēmu?) as offensive and defensive weapons. Luxord also has power over time, which he uses to force his opponents to play timed games.[7] Luxord speaks very formally and often suggests rhetorical questions.

Chronologically, Luxord made his first appearance 358/2 Days, where he assists Roxas in various missions. Like most of the surviving members, he does not know about the Replica Project and Xion's origin until late in the game.[47] Shortly after, he laments his subordination to the Organization to Roxas.[48] His next appearance was in Kingdom Hearts II, revealing himself at Port Royal where he revives the curse of the Aztec gold and uses it on the Grimreaper Heartless, indirectly cursing Jack Sparrow in the process. Sora later frees Jack from the curse, but Luxord escapes without fighting Sora and his party. At the World That Never Was, Luxord traps Sora's companions in his cards, leaving Sora to fight alone in a game-like battle. Sora, however, defeats him, cutting through him when he makes a card barrier, and Luxord fades into darkness asking "Roxas" why he attacked him.