Larxene (ラクシーヌ, Rakushīnu?), also known as the "Savage Nymph" (非情の妖姫, Hijō no Yōki?, lit. "Callous Vixen"), was first introduced in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories where she conspired with Marluxia to overthrow Organization XIII. Larxene wields a set of knives called Foudre (エクレール, Ekurēru?, lit. "Éclair"), the French word for lightning, and uses the power of electricity to fight.[7] The character was first voiced by Rieko Katayama in Chain of Memories.[23] Yuko Miyamura took over the role for the Japanese releases of Re:Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days, while Shanelle Workman provided her voice in the two titles' English releases.[13][25]

Larxene makes a minor appearance in 358/2 Days, reluctantly training Roxas before she leaves for Castle Oblivion. When Larxene first meets Sora in Chain of Memories, she helps manipulate his memories by causing him to remember Naminé's name.[50] She then fights him and gives him new cards to access more areas of Castle Oblivion. She intimidates Naminé to keep with their plan and later taunts Vexen after the Riku Replica failed his mission. After she discovers Axel's betrayal and sees that Marluxia's plans have fallen apart, she decides to kill Sora.[51] After Sora finds Naminé, Larxene taunts the two before she attempts to kill them. However, Donald and Goofy arrive to assist Sora. Together, the three defeat Larxene, and she fades into darkness.